Friday, October 2, 2009

Flurry of Activity, First Award Given

So, as Dave mentioned on the eleventh of last month, he and Ellen Parker have really come out and shown support for the Underground Library. This is fantastic. But simply saying that this is fantastic was not enough for me. I was so astonished at the amount and quality of the content he output in just seven days that I had to take a page from Wikipedia's book--the barnstar--and award him the Tireless Contributor Barnstar (otherwise referred to as the Tireless Contributor Badge).

As things have slowed down and he's begun to run out of articles on which he has expertise, others have shown up to help: Tharris and Gusdotdot are just the two most recent to speak of. More people are contributing in their own ways.

If we're going to talk numbers, I'd like to see 25-100 articles per month in 2010. That's 300-1200 new articles over the course of the year. By 2012, we can hope, we'll be nearing "completion" of the recent history of the underground literary scene. Then we'll begin to make dedicated dives into ancient history: the Realist, the Beat Generation, and so on. We'll cover lesser-known topics in greater detail than anyone else. By 2020 we should be all but "finished" with that--the idea of this site being that we will never be truly finished, and we can then move on to other underground subjects--such as music.

We've only just begun, we're still young.

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