Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't Fork the Project

We, the dedicated trustees of the Underground Library, see no reason for any splinter projects. UL is about expanding and embracing the entire literary community without preference. Your contributions are always welcome here. We've all seen how this goes in the open source development world: one project stays strong and the other dies off. From the beginning we have known that perhaps we were not popular enough to stimulate this project to its full growth. Now, nary a year into the game, people are looking to specialize other projects. To what end? It's easy to believe that one or the other project will come out as the dominant party, but it's much easier to understand that we all win by working together. Let us find and expand our common ground, not raze what's left of it with moves which only serve to gut good intentions. We'll still be here, long after none of this matters anymore. Our only hope is that you will too.

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